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We are committed to understanding and spreading the culture of martial arts and health. Santeefit will regularly hold community events regarding health, sports and martial arts: such as competitions, performances, lectures, training, and other public activities. Friends or companies from all walks of life are welcome to join us and work together to advance towards a healthier, fruitful and peaceful life. 

We are passionate to share specialised sports/heatlh infotainment and wushu (martial arts) educational videos through this online platform which is updated regularly. We strive to provide you with interesting and complete information so that you can gain useful knowledge to advance yourself.

Our online courses, both live and recorded, are formulated in a simple to understand and enjoyable format. You will be able to master the courses at ease and at your own pace.

—  Why Choose Us  —

We are people who serve the cause of sports culture. We have endorsements from famous professors and experts. We graduated from higher professional colleges and have vast experience. We only choose to build teams with companies or coaches that are recognized by the industry and have exceptional capabilities. 

You will learn professional and rigorous knowledge. We will tailor a martial arts style for you. We will guide you on how to participate in competitions and performances. At the same time, we will customize martial arts and fitness that matches you according to your health status. You will get discounts on our competitors, which we made, lectures and training courses, and watch free class videos. 

—  Our Advantage  —

●  All our coaches were champions and/or are current esteemed coaches with wealth of coaching experience and are passionate about imparting their knowledge and skills.
●  You will also have opportunities to meet your wushu idols through our online meetup sessions.
●  Members will enjoy discounts on our online shopping site, and will also have the opportunity to win free courses or and other exciting rewards through our regular lucky draws.
●  We welcome any and all who love sports, martial arts films, wushu enthusiasts, and those who value health and having a good physique, or simply those looking to purchase good sports products at a great price!

—   Journey   —

 Master XUEYUAN Founder Of SANTEEFIT   

My journey with wushu (martial arts) began since I was 8 years old. I hold a Bachelor of Education degree with the esteemed Beijing Sports University where I participated in a large number of organized sports competitions in those 10 years of studies. I then went to Singapore to coach martial arts at the prestigious Wufang Singapore before deciding to further my learning and pursue a Masters in Sports Finance in the US. During this time in the US, I refereed at US wushu competitions.
 Involved in organizing and participating in the 40th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and the US and other event planning.  


-U.S. OPEN Martial Arts Competition – First place
-Hong Kong International Martial Arts Competition - Gold Medalist in Tai Chi
-Chinese Wushu Grade Test Competition – First in all-round (Knife/Gun/Sword/Stick)
-American Golden State International Wushu Championships – Referee
-American Los Angeles International Wushu Competition – Referee
-American Santa Monica Martial Arts – Referee
-Member Of American Chinese Athlete Association
-Member Of Wushu Masters Association


-Approved National Senior Sports Dietitian
-Approved Chinese National Martial Arts Referee
-Approved Chinese National Martial Arts Sanda Referee
-Approved Chinese National Level Athlete
-Approved Singapore NCAP Skills
-Approved Singapore First Aid Skills

 Students Awards

-American Golden State International Wushu Championships – Gold and Silver in Straight Sword; Silver in Cudgel
-American Los Angeles International Wushu Competition – Gold in Changquan; Silver in Cudgel
-American Santa Monica Martial Arts Competition – Gold and Silver in Straight Sword
-Singapore Martial Arts Competition – Gold, Silver and Bronze in Taich

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Dr. David

I've been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety that's been piling up since the start of the corona breakout, but after starting tai chi and practicing it for a few weeks I've been noticing  that I've been feeling more at ease and calm despite the never-ending shifts that require my full attention and focus. Thank you, Ms. Yangchen!!

Bella T.

Spent years thinking I was doomed to have lower back pain and tight shoulders forever until I was lucky enough to book a class with Xueyuan. She caught the issues in my posture during the first class and has made me fall in love with tai chi and pain free movement and life. Please don't hesitate to book and experience how amazing tai chi can be for you.


I've always had issues with being present wherever I was due to having to juggle so many things at the same time due to my need to make sure anything in my business was up to my standards. This obviuosly led to a messy and organized state fo mind. I tried out a group class thanks to a recommendation from a friend and instantly knew I wanted to learn more and tried the private coaching so that I can learn to quiet my mind and coach Yangchen knew instantly what I was trying to achieve and gave me tips that not only carried over from the class to my habits but also helped me master how to control my mind and not let it control me.


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